Palm oil for health

According to the American Palm Oil Council, palm oil, naturally semi-solid at room temperature, does not require hydrogenation. It is a good replacement for partially hydrogenated oils for many reasons.

  • Palm oil is trans fat free.
  • Palm oil provides the same “hard or solid” fat that is required for pastries, cookies, crackers  and other items that require long shelf stability and a particular texture.
  • Palm oil is odourless and tasteless, perfect for consumers and manufacturers alike looking for a healthy oil for cooking and baking needs.
  • Palm oil is rich in antioxidants.
  • Palm oil increases good HDL to promote a healthy cardiovascular health.Source:


Studies have shown that adding palm oil to our diet can actually remove plaque build-up in arteries. In turn, this reverses the process of plaque and prevent blockages.
In addition, palm oil can also improve cholesterol values and help maintain proper blood pressure. The protective effects come from its high antioxidant, anti-inflammatory content.

While it is true that red palm oil is high in saturated fat, what researchers have discovered is that it actually protects against heart disease. In the cardiovascular system, saturated fats contribute to plaque. And this is where it gets interesting.

Palm oil is a vegetable oil and therefore, contains absolutely no cholesterol. Like all other unrefined vegetable oils, palm oil (and in particular red palm oil) contains a modest amount of plant sterols which are similar in structure to cholesterol. Plant sterols or phytosterols are not involved in the anthyerosclerotic process and do not promote heart disease. Plant sterols can, however, lower blood cholesterol.


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