Cholesterol ‘fuels’ breast cancer


According news in BBC, based on group of scientist research , a by-product of cholesterol can fuel the deadly growth and spread of breast cancer.

According to them, It raises the prospect that taking cholesterol-lowering drugs called statins could prevent cancer. The work, published in the journal Science, helps explain why obesity is a major risk factor for the disease. However, cancer charities cautioned that it was too soon to advise women to take statins.

Thus, obesity has been linked with many cancers including those of the breast, bowel and womb. The fat in overweight people can pump out hormones, such as oestrogen, which drive the growth of cancers.

The researcher says as a treatment in to this issue, their findings raise the prospect that lowering cholesterol can lower the risk of breast cancer developing. A healthier diet is another way to cut levels of cholesterol in the bloodstream.

Dr Hannah Bridges, from leading charity Breakthrough Breast Cancer, says: “Up until now research into the links between cholesterol levels, use of statins and breast cancer risk has been inconclusive.

“The results from this early study are promising and if confirmed through further research could increase our understanding of what causes some breast cancers to develop.”

“As things stand, until we know more about the effects of statins on cancer risk, the best ways to cut the risk of developing breast cancer are to stay a healthy weight, cut down on alcohol and keep active.”


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