Malaysians from eating their way to health problems

Based on the news published in News Straits Times, WHILE awareness about health has improved over the years, it has not stopped Malaysians from eating their way to  health problems.

According to the interview source of Prince Court Medical Centre chief executive officer Dr Chong Su-Lin, said,” Malaysians are eating way too much”.

“Food is available 24 hours and people eat burgers or nasi lemak at odd hours,” she said.

She added that such eating behaviour would lead to obesity, diabetes and kidney-related diseases.

It was reported that Malaysia had the most number of fat or obesity people and diabetics in Southeast Asia.

Dr.Choong said, “nowadays, parents work long hours and they don’t keep an eye on what their children are eating.”

She said children often bought candy or drinks with high sugar content after school.

A big health issue related to the burgeoning obesity in the country is diabetes.

The NHMS 2011 highlighted an alarming figure, that one in five over 30 is a diabetic.

“The thing with diabetes is there are no symptoms. By the time a person realised he has it, it’s too late.” And also plan your diet and exercise,” she said, adding that it was important to eat meals on time. It was better to eat at home rather than eating out.

“Eating at home enables you to control your salt, sugar and oil intake.


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